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Systems Automation for Government, Non-Profit, and Agencies

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All In One  specializes in system engineering, cloud integrations, API development and full stack development with an emphasis on communications, workflow, collaboration, and governance.

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Welcome to All In One - AIOSP

What We Do

Systems & Automations

Full stack system and automation development. We deliver the highest quality systems and automations with our technology recipes using only the finest ingredients. Our team is highly experienced with SaaS and cloud services such as Zoom, Google, Amazon, Twilio, MailGun, SendGrid, and much more, all within the foundation of our GoHighLevel agency.


Our principles and engineers come from a background of IBM workflow, collaboration, and messaging systems. The team has countless years of experience across a diverse set of industries, niches, and disciplines. Our consultants core competencies are system integrations specializing in communications, workflow, colaboration, and messaging.

Product Development

Our product development team has produced and now maintains countless specialty niche products and continue  to develop new products. These products are developed in house and are available in both our public and private API's. Examples of our niche digital products include cloud based certificates, dynamic MMS (multimedia messages), and Zoom integrations. 

About our Company

We are Blue Pro Solutions, Inc DBA (doing business as) All In One Sales Pro. Our leadership brings forward a blend of experience in sales, automation, systems integration and enterprise development.


Shaping the Perfect Solutions

AIOSP offers pre-built turnkey solutions for a variety of industris, niches, agencies, and the public secotr.. While turnkey solutions are great for some, we understand that business in the 21st century is not "cookie cutter", every organization is different. We also have the capability to deliver customized solutions to fit needs.

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We Help organizations
Achieve Their Goals

Where have you been? Where are you now? Where are you headed? Future goals are based upon past experiences, your current state, and where you see your business in the future. During our discovery process, we document and help you understand and plan for those goals. As NFL ex-head coach Herm Edwards says; "A goal without a plan is a wish", we help you develop a plan to accomplish your goals.

Our Vision

Combine inspiration and innovation to an ever evolving marketplace keeping our customers, clients, partners and community current with ever evolving technologies.


Strategy is at the Heart of What We Do

Our principles and leadership team have developed our platform, products, and services from a production perspective. The leadership team uses the very same tools for our own production! There is a big difference between hiring a marketing agency vs. hiring a sales consulting agency that also does marketing!

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