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AIOSP SaaS Video Tracker (COMING SOON)

The All In One Sales Pro (AIOSP) SaaS Lead Scoring API and Plugin is the perfect way for GoHighLevel agency owners to take their agency to the next level by enabling clients to identify leads and prospects with the highest engagement, and hence the highest probability of turning into paying customers. Use Lead Scoring for ANY TYPE OF SCORING (rewards, loyalty, gamification, accountability, etc.)

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The All In One Sales Pro (AIOSP) SaaS Video Tracker is the ULTIMATE "All In One Solution" to monitor, measure, and track how much of your brand's video content consumers are watching. If you are using expensive webinar replay products just to replay video, you can save LOTS of money by using a product designed to do EXACTLY what you want and need without paying for the bells-and-whistles you don't want or need. Our video tracker is integrated with the AIOSP CRM or any CRM built on the High Level platform or framework. For an additional small setup fee, AIOSP Video Tracker will work with any cloud based CRM or any CRM with an existing API. Combine the AIOSP Video Tracker with our Lead Scoring API plugin to quickly identify prospects and leads that are the most interested with the highest intent. SAVE TIME by identifying leads and prospects that are not as interested or do not have the highest intent and quit wasting time on tire kickers and window shoppers.

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$29, 0-500 Emails / Month, $59, 501-2000 Emails / Month, $149, 2001-4000 Emails / Month


One Time $99 Setup Fee


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