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Welcome to All In One Sales Pro - AIOSP

What We Do

CRM Deployment

We deliver world class CRM capability with a DIY (do-it-yourself) plan or a DFU (done-for-you) service. Save money with the DIY plan or opt for convenience and time savings with the DFU option.

Sales & Marketing Automation

From prospecting to lead capture to lead nurturing AIOSP has solutions to help you save an INCREDIBLE amount of time while doing what you and your team do best, sales production.

API Development

The AIOSP development team specializes in API, SaaS, and cloud based development from customized requirements to enterprise integrations to simple service integrations. 

The All In One Sales Pro Team

Cliff Evans


Houston, TX

Cliff, an AIOSP co-founder, has over 15 years of sales production experience as a business owner and sales executive in the food and hospitality industry. Cliff is the strategic visionary for AIOSP

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Chris Romani


Houston, TX

Chris is Chief Marketing Officer and doubles as the CEO of our sister company, Restaurant Smarts. Chris delivers to AIOSP and clients the strategic guidance needed to deliver produce solutions that produce.

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Michael Lucy


Detroit, MI

Michael, an AIOSP co-founder has over 20 years of software development experience, mostly as an IBM consultant. Michael manages client deployments and development (API, Software, etc.)

Anthony Abboud

Strategic Consultant

Los Angeles, CA

AIOSP has been blessed with the opportunity to work with Mr. Abboud. Anthony is CEO of Omnimatic and has 20+ years of experience as a sales consultant and coach for Fortune 500's.

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