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STEP 2, DELIVERABILITY: GHL Cold Email Prospecting Tactics for Beginners

On Tuesday September 28th we published an article discussing Cold Email Prospecting Strategies (click here to read more).

Step 1, CONTENT was published on Thursday September 30th (click here to read more about email prospecting content).

In that strategy article we dispelled some common myths of email prospecting (i.e. it's FREE, it's EASY, etc.) In that article and corresponding email, we also mentioned that we will be sharing tactical HOW TO information over time, specifically for COLD EMAIL PROSPECTING.

This article is step 2 of the HOW TO'S, understanding email deliverability. In this article, and subsequent tactical articles I will be sharing step-by-step instructions on how to kick off an email prospecting campaign ... AND ... I will be documenting my process as I build out my own email prospecting campaigns, hence this series is an opportunity for me to document and standardize our process.


What does deliverability mean? Deliverability means delivering an email to a destination email address AND maximizing the chances of the receiver in clear sight SEEING the email, more directly it means delivering emails to the INBOX, not the spam/trash folder or the Promotions folder.

One important note here, MICROSOFT (i.e. Hotmail, Exchange, etc.) is an entirely different beast! Come to grips with and accept that you will very likely land in spam/trash folders with Microsoft email solutions. When testing email deliverability, i.e. running inbox placements, pay attention to Microsoft (MS) but take MS results with a grain of salt. You can drive yourself batty trying to finagle your emails to MS inboxes!


You know the concept of "black box"? for the sake of time and sanity, I am going to give you the "black box" description of Email Warmup. 

Black Box is the process of testing or using software without the understanding of what happens inside "the box", or without intimate knowledge of how it works. You just care that it works.

If you are new to cold email prospecting or even if you are a seasoned veteran, click here to; #1) Learn more about email warming, #2) Get a FREE email warming account in Gmass!


You can read and implement everything in this article, but if you violate this principle and best practice, I guarantee you will lose. It may work for a day, may work for as long as a week, but if you do not heed advice with respect to volume inevitably your delivery goes to crap.

So, what is the best practice for (cold) email prospecting deliverability volume (suspense)?


Don't send more than 48 emails per outbound email account per day! At least don't send more than 48 emails for the first ~ 4 weeks.

QUESTION: What does this mean, does it mean that if I want to send 2,000 cold emails that I need to send 48 emails per day for 42 days (2000/48)? 

ANSWER #1: Yes, indeed that is one of the solutions for sending 2000 emails.

ANSWER #2: Another solution, say for example you want to send all 2000 emails in one day, what can you do? Well, with a little bit of math if you can send 48 per day per account, if you had 42 accounts you could send 48 from each account and send 2016 per day (48x42).

NOTE: You can scale FASTER and LARGER using Google Workspace (the old GSuite) email accounts. I highly recommend using Gmail or Google Workspace for cold emailing. For services like MailGun, SendGrid, AWS, etc., cold emailing is against their platform rules and while you can certainly fly under the radar for a while, chances are that they will ultimately catch you OR terminate your account.

SIMPLY PUT - There are absolutely NO SHORTCUTS here. Do a Google search, "Cold Email Prospecting Services".  Below is a partial list of the most popular and prevalent email services.

  • GMass. GMass is a powerful cold email software that lets you run sales and marketing campaigns right from your Gmail account. ...
  • Woodpecker. ...
  • Lemlist. ...
  • Yesware. ...
  • ...
  • Gmelius. ...
  • Streak. ...
  • SalesHandy.

What do these all have in common? They all use the "divide and conquer" strategy, every single one of them! Divide the total number of emails you would like send by 50 (they each use a different factor to divide by but in general it's about 50).

So, if all the popular and prevalent services are using "Divide and Conquer", does that mean I need a "Divide and Conquer" strategy in my CRM, in my GHL agency? YES, YES, YES, YES


Everyone I know (including me) that has attempted a shortcut, has FAILED. Some (true) horror stories below!

Me - Using email lists generated from D7 Lead Finder, before thoroughly understanding cold email volumes, I would send 100-300 cold emails per day to restaurants, oil and lube shops, auto mechanics, etc. I was getting EXCELLENT metrics (read/click) rates for the 1st one or two emails, then opens/read/clicks fell off a cliff.

It took me a minute to figure it out (I was being stubborn believing I could outsmart the system), I had ruined my domain/sub-domain reputation in 2-4 days each time.

Colleague Doing Political Fundraising - A SUPER SKILLED and talented tech and marketing pro I know was doing cold email and SMS fund raising for the 2020 Georgia Senate Runoff. With an email list of 50,000 historical political donors, an email was BLASTED to all 50,000 at once. Needless to say, within 24 hours this email account was completely banned, suspended, and could not send anymore emails. A few dollars were raised, but the once trustworthy email domain and address was irrepably destroyed!

Grass Roots Mobilization & Sales Funnel - Gentleman I know quite well has an AWESOME business and a very captive audience. His email goals included to grow that captive audience. Without any regard for cold email best practices, within one week this gentleman drips and cold list at relatively high volume and gets banned from both Mailgun and Amazon! Still believing he can beat the system, he calls and asks me to help him and his VA setup his own email SMTP server. Needless to say, the SMTP server turned out to be more costly than Mailgun and Amazon combined X 10!


If you are a GHL user, or many other system/CRM user, you may be using MailGun. Recall above, I highly recommended using Gmail or Google Workspace accounts for cold prospecting.

If you inist on using MailGun, there is a neat little inbox placement test feature that can help you better understand inbox placement. It can get expensive, placement tests are $0.50 per test, and to get any kind of actionable results you will need to run at least 30 tests. The inbox placement tests are in your main menu in MailGun.

In the next article, Step 3, we will discuss and share email "signalling" and follow up strategies, #StayTuned.


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